We’re glad you have an interest in visiting Good Shepherd and would be happy to welcome you. We understand that walking into a new or different church for the first time might be intimidating.  We will do our best to eliminate any discomfort when you visit, and to help you prepare for your visit we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below.

What is “church”?

This is maybe the best place to start.  What is this church all about?  What do the people of Good Shepherd do when they get together?

A typical Sunday morning at Good Shepherd consists of two things: a worship service at 8:00 and 10:30 and our Bible class and Sunday school time at 9:20. (In the summer we have a family Bible class hour all together.)

There are many other events and activities held at Good Shepherd, but worship and Bible study are the two we do most frequently.

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What is worship?

Our worship is liturgical. The liturgy is a structured way of worship that becomes easy to follow. In worship we gather around God’s Word.  God’s Word always has practical application to our lives. The service contains several readings from God’s Word, but our pastors focus on one in a sermon. Within this service we also sing songs together, take an offering, and pray.

Following worship we dedicate a few minutes to socializing with each other over coffee and snacks. We invite you to join us for this when you visit.

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What is our Bible study hour?

Our Bible study hour consists of two parts – adult Bible class and Sunday school.  Sunday School is currently designed with three age groups: PreK-2nd grade; 3-5th grade; and 6-8th grade.  In each of these groups children learn Bible accounts and truths in developmentally appropriate ways.

In adult Bible class we explore a topic or Bible section through both large and small group discussions facilitated by our pastor.

We hope that you and your children can be involved in these activities as well.

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Do I need to know how to sing?

Songs are a part of our worship and we hope that at some point you will feel comfortable in joining us when we sing.  However, we don’t expect you to sing right away.  You will find that some of us are good singers, while some of us are not.  We are not concerned with the vocal skills you bring to worship, but offer songs as an opportunity for everyone, young and old, talented or not so much, to praise God.

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What is the offering?

The offering is an opportunity for the members of Good Shepherd to worship the Lord in giving. Good Shepherd is a member-supported church. During worship, plates are passed through the seats to collect the offering. This makes the offering an active part of our worship, and it provides an opportunity for God’s people to bring generous gifts in thanksgiving for all he has done for them. These gifts support Good Shepherd’s work to reach out with the good news of Jesus and to build up God’s people in their faith.  If you become interested in joining Good Shepherd, the offering would be one of many ways in which you could participate in the work we do. 

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What is prayer?

In prayer God allows us to lay our concerns and requests before him.  In worship we often say prayers that reflect the season of the church year, current events, or special needs.  If you have a prayer request you may share it with our pastor and he will include it in the service.

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Is there a dress code?

No. When you visit you will see some men in slacks and shirt and tie. You will see others in jeans. You will see some women in dresses, skirts, or pants. We want you to be comfortable when you visit.

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What can my children do during the service?

At Good Shepherd we believe there is immense value in families worshiping together and we welcome your entire family to our worship. Seats are reserved in the back of the church for families with small children, and we also have a nursery should your little one need a break during the service. Our sound system also permits you to follow along during the service even while you might step out with your child for a time.

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