• School Scrip: The Home and School Society is participating in the Scrip program this year. Gift cards to local retailers will be available for purchase. The Scrip program then donates a portion of the purchase back to the school. Like Box-Tops and Campbell soup lables, Scrip is an easy and free way to help support some projects around school.
  • Lost and Found: Two lockers at the east end of the building will serve as our lost and found. Please look for any lost items there.
  • The Saginaw Valley Lutheran Chorale will begin rehearsals today. They will rehearse every Sunday this fall from 6:00-8:00 PM at MLS. The concert is tentatively planned for 4:00 Sunday, December 7.
  • Ladies Guild: The Ladies Guild is starting back up and their first meeting will be this Tuesday, the 9th at 6:45 PM. All ladies of the congregation are welcome to attend.
  • Parents of College students: The 2014-2105 school year has begun and our WELS Campus Ministry is working to try to contact the WELS students at area colleges. The WELS Campus Ministry would like to be able to try to reach them and serve them with God’s Word. Please email (midpsecs@gmail.com) or call (835-4181) the church office and give them your child’s contact information so that they can let the appropriate Campus Ministry pastor know.



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