• Reformation 500: A district-wide worship service is being planned for Sunday, November 5 at 4:00 PM. This service will be in commemoration of God’s grace at the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Please plan to attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Afterwards, everyone is invited to get together for dinner at G’s Pizzeria in Saginaw. Good Shepherd has reserved the banquet room so there should be plenty of room.
  • Thanksgiving Eve Worship: This year, we will have our Thanksgiving worship on Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM. Join us to worship and give thanks to our gracious God for all his blessings.
  • Good Shepherd Logo Wear Available: Please go to https://ksetees.com/good-shepherd/ and see what is available. The deadline to order is Tuesday, October 31. All orders will be handed out through the church office in November.
  • Forward in Christ & Meditations for 2018: Note the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board. Please add your name to the current list if you are interested in a subscription for 2018. Cross out your name if you no longer want to receive it for the next year.
  • MLS Fall Musical: This year’s musical is “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. This modern musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber tells the Bible account of Joseph and his brothers and Joseph’s time in Egypt. It tells how the brother’s jealousy over Joseph’s special treatment and the coat leads them to sell their brother into slavery. The story is told by different characters singing different genres of music-throughout the whole show! Dates of the musical are Nov.16, 18 & 19. To order tickets, visit www.mlsem.org/fall-play. Hope to see you there!
  • Hospitalizations: If you are undergoing surgery or are hospitalized for any other reason, please let the pastors know. They would be like to visit you during your stay. Though some hospitals ask for religious information on admittance forms, because of privacy laws, they cannot share the fact that you are hospitalized with your pastors.



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