• Confirmation of our confirmands will take place during 2nd service today.
  • Flowers on the altar today are given in celebration of our confirmands from their families. May their confirmation be the beginning of a life rich in the Word of God.
  • Confirmation boutonnieres and corsages are given to the confirmands by the ladies of our Ladies Guild. Thank you!
  • Red geraniums decorate our church altar on Pentecost which will take place May 15th this year. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board if you would like to order a plant at a cost of $3.75 each. Please sign up by May 10th. Also mark whether you would like to take your geraniums home or leave them to plant at church.
  • Evangelical Heritage Version: At their quarterly meeting, the voters approved the field-testing of the EHV, the Bible produced by the Wartburg Project (a group of WELS/ELS pastors and professors working to produce a new translation of the Bible). This field test will take place between now and the next voters’ meeting in July and will mean our second lesson and gospel will come from this translation. Please bring your feedback to the pastors so they can report to the Wartburg Project. Thank you!
  • May 20 Track Meet at MLS: A sign-up sheet is posted to the school bulletin board. We are the host school this year and are in need of many volunteers from the church and school to make this year’s track meet a success. Please take a look and sign up for a few open spots. Thank you.



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