• Thank You: The pastors and teachers would like to offer their heart-felt thanks for your kind and thoughtful gifts to them during this Christmas season. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated. What a privilege it is to serve with and for you!
  • Communion Rail: Because we have enjoyed the blessing of new flooring, the congregation has the opportunity to consider the future use of the communion rail. In the next weeks, the Elders, Council, and Voters will have the opportunity to consider this. Look for a bulletin insert on the topic as well. If you would like to share your thoughts, please speak to an elder or one of the pastors. Thank you!
  • Schedule change: Please note that Midweek Bible Class will begin next week rather than this week. Pastor Behnken is preaching for Michigan Lutheran Seminary’s morning chapel this week. To keep everyone together, both morning and evening sessions will therefore begin next week.
  • DVDs of the Children’s Christmas Service are available. Please sign up on the sheet provided on the church bulletin board if you would like a copy.



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