• New Bible Class: We are beginning a new Adult Bible Class this Sunday as we take up a study of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In the first chapter, Paul discusses predestination – the truth that God chose us to be his own before the creation of the world. Join us for a discussion of this challenging – yet wonderfully comforting – truth of God’s Word.
  • Special Offering: A special offering will be gathered this morning for the LWMS. Their rally takes place at Bethel, Bay City on the morning of Saturday, April 22.
  • Voters’ Meeting: April 18th is the date for our regular quarterly Voters’ Meeting.
  • Easter Brunch Sign-Up: On the bulletin board in the hallway you will find sign-up sheets about our Easter brunch. One sheet is for the food that is needed for the brunch. Please scan the sheet and see what you would be willing to bring. The second sheet is for those who plan on attending the Easter brunch. This helps the people who will be setting the tables and chairs up. The Easter brunch is a wonderful time for fellowship. We hope to see you there.

Holy Week Worship Schedule

Maundy Thursday with Holy Communion                 Thursday, 6:30 PM

Good Friday Tenebrae (Service of Darkness)            Friday, 7:30 PM

Easter Dawn with Holy Communion                               Sunday, 7:00 AM

Easter Breakfast                                                                        Sunday, 8:00 AM

Easter Festival Worship with Holy Communion       Sunday, 9:30 AM



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