Since 1978, Good Shepherd has, with God’s blessing, operated its own K-8 Lutheran elementary school. With its small class sizes and favorable student-to-teacher ratio, Good Shepherd has been able to provide high-quality, individualized education to the children of Good Shepherd and the community of Midland for almost forty years.

What sets Good Shepherd Lutheran School apart, however, is that every school day, every subject, and every experience is governed by the Word of God. Just as that Word teaches us first and foremost about our Savior Jesus and all he has done for us, so that good news is central to every part of a student’s experience at Good Shepherd. Just as that Word also teaches us many things intended to bless and benefit our lives here on this earth, so that Word forms the foundation for our education in every subject here at Good Shepherd.

If you would like to learn more about our school and how it could serve you and your children, please feel free to contact us.