With the beginning of the school year, we also resume our regular Bible study schedule. Each of our Bible studies is meant to be both informative and interesting as well as practical and uplifting for our daily Christian lives. Sunday morning class meets in between services from 9:20-10:10. This fall, we will begin with a study called: “Ways Christians Confess the Gospel in Worship Spaces.” The purpose of this study will be to study the scriptural truths that church buildings can express. We will also discuss how worship spaces can reflect and reinforce teaching, both good and bad. Our midweek class takes place on Wednesdaysat 9:00 AM and 6:30 PM. Both classes cover the same material so you can come to whichever might fit your schedule better. This year, we will begin with a study called“Angels and Demons.” While angels and demons are a popular topic in Christendom today, what God’s Word teaches about them is often misunderstood. Our study will examine the warnings and the comforts God gives us as he teaches us about his servants and those of the devil. Please join us for any or all of these opportunities!



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