We offer Jesus in his holy Word and Sacraments to all. To that end, we offer a multitude of activities that have as their heart and core the good news of what Jesus has done for us.

First and foremost, we offer worship every Sunday and on festival days. Here God serves us with the forgiveness of sins in Word and Sacraments, and we serve God with our hymns and prayers of thanks and praise. Please see our worship schedule or calendar for dates and times.

We offer Holy Baptism to all people – infants and adults – for our Lord Jesus promises that through Baptism, he saves us.

We offer Holy Communion to our members and to those who are members of the Wisconsin Synod or sister church bodies on the first and third Sundays of the month, as well as on various festivals throughout the year.

We offer a Bible Information Class for those who are not members of our congregation or of one in our fellowship. This class is either held privately with the pastor or in a class setting. The purpose of this class is to give a basic understanding of the main teachings of the Bible. Upon completion of the class, a person is eligible to become a member.

We offer Bible Classes for adults from September through May. Please check our calendar for times – generally on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

We offer a Lutheran Elementary School for children in grades kindergarten through eight.

We offer a Home and School Society. Recognizing what a wonderful blessing our Lutheran Elementary School is from our gracious God for us and for our children, we desire fittingly to support and give aid to our school and its faculty. Home and School Society will be open to all the members of Good Shepherd and the parents of all students.

We offer Sunday School open to all children from ages 3 through eighth grade from September through May. In Sunday School, we teach all the main Bible history stories of the Bible, thoroughly familiarizing children with not only the stories, but also the flow of history and thought of God’s Word.

We offer a Vacation Bible School and a Christmas for Kids as shorter educational opportunities open to all children, ages 3 through sixth grade. Please watch the calendar for the dates – VBS generally being held in early August, and Christmas for Kids on either the first or second Saturday in December.

We offer confirmation instruction to children in grades six through eight. During these vital years, we intensely study the chief doctrines of God’s Word, as taught in Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.

We offer a Ladies Guild. The heart of this organization, open to all ladies in the congregation, is a Bible Study with which the meetings, held generally on the first Tuesday of the month, begin. The Ladies Guild also busies itself with many invaluable service projects in the congregation.

We offer a choir, open to all communicant members of the congregation. The choir rehearses on Sundays from September through May. They present anthems in worship that preach Christ and his saving work. They also do much to enhance the congregation’s liturgy and hymns.

We offer a variety of fellowship opportunities on a regular basis. These occasions provide opportunities both for Christians to enjoy one another’s company and also for mutual encouragement.